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I just found this. This is cool on so many different levels (except, perhaps, poetics?) that I don't know where to start. I'm a geek, I know, but--have you guys seen this poem before?


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Ah, the lion-eating poet in the stone den? Heh. Yeah, I'd come across that several years ago, on Usenet. Wikipedia also has an article about it.

It's occasionally trotted out as an argument about how Pinyin could never work because there are too many ambiguities, except people forget that nobody speaks like that in modern Mandarin precisely because of the ambiguities. So you get 獅子, 屍體, 市場, 時候, 解釋, and 石頭 instead of just "shi". (My favourite being 身體, where both components mean essentially the same thing by themselves, so you can tell that they are just used together to decrease ambiguity in speech. Whereas some words are disambiguated by "meaningless" syllables such as 子 or 頭 or 兒 - those tend to be neutral-tone, too.)
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I love the fact that Chinese is capable of that, but I'm also so freaking glad to hear that modern Chinese speakers wouldn't really be able to understand that, because I cannot at all imagine being able to ever parse that no matter how much I studied Chinese.