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What it says on the box. How long have you studied Chinese, and for what reason, and anything else you feel is relevant to the comm!
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I'm Philip (陳信哲), and I live in Hamburg, Germany.

I learned Japanese at evening school for several years, partly because there were so many Japanese at my school. So Chinese kind of grew out of that, though I'm fascinated by languages in general and pick up bits here and there.

I never formally learned Chinese, just kind of absorbed a bit by osmosis, looking through textbooks. Also, I never paid attention to tones so while I know the Pinyin spelling of a fair number of characters, I don't know which tone they go with! So I'd be awful at speaking.

I got my Chinese name from a Chinese boy in my class at school.

I also prefer traditional characters, perhaps because I learned Japanese first and they use mostly traditional characters (and the ones that they did simplify are usually not as radically simplified as the Simplified Chinese ones).
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I'm learning to read Mandarin slowly through ReadMandarin.com and it's working for me so far. I was on a character-a-day community on Livejournal, but the teacher vanished. ReadMandarin is quicker for learning characters, but there is very little context. However, there is pronunciation. I'm more interested in reading than in speaking, though.

In theory, I recognise over a hundred characters. In practice, it's probably less than half that when they are out in the wild. I want to learn a thousand.